Tips to Fixing Leather Reclining Sofa

Nov 12th

The rich beauty leather reclining sofa adds a touch of comfort and formality to your home. Leather is easy to maintain and repair, especially if you have taken appropriate care of your leather furniture. Fix scratches, tears, fading and tears in your leather sofa in your own home. Knowing how to care for leather furniture will save you money on repairs bills and keeps your furniture looking like new. Attach scratches to standard leather sofas by thoroughly cleaning the area to be repaired. Use standard kit leather repair, or dip a cotton swab into the splash and rub the area easily. Before using any solution on your leather sofa, try using it in an invisible area first to see if it damages or removes leather color.
Trim some white “lint” from scratched surface with a scissors. Scratch may have pulled out some of the fiber or fill from the inside of the leather reclining sofa. Remove this fill you can level the area and melt into the repairs more seamlessly. Glue down pieces or lift pieces of leather with Lather glue. Give the leather glue for at least one hour to completely dry. Sand and lightly smooth down the area you are glued, as well as any irregularities around scratches. Use sandpaper with a very nice structure. Standard leather repair kits will contain leather sandpaper. Repeat the glue process if it is necessary to achieve a smooth grind surface.

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Fill cracks and deeper scratches with leather filler. Leather filler should be part of your leather kit. Use your finger to apply filler. Smooth out filler in buckle or chisel. Allow the filler to dry, and sand until the area is even. Take the lotion scratch repair of your leather repair kit. Easy smooth solution scratch repair over scratch with repair cloth from the kit. Allow the solution to dry overnight. Apply leather cleaners and patrons over the repaired area. This process will clean, repair and tighten clogging area on your leather furniture. Repair holes in leather sofa with a leather repair kit. If your sofa is an unusual color, buy more expensive repair kit as it will have more fabric color options.

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