Tips to Decorate Reclining Sofa in Family Room

Nov 10th

Reclining sofa can be an appealing alternative after a long day. The ability to sit back and lay up your feet to watch TV, read a book or just relax is an appealing thought for some people. There is no reason this comfortable furniture cannot be both functional and visually appealing. Add decorative details to your reclining sofa that adds to its design and blend in with the rest of the room’s interior. Add decorative pillows to each section on the couch as reclines. Choose pillows that go well with the color of the sofa. Place one in each corner. Add one in the middle if it reclines separately. Stack smaller pillows in a different color in front of the larger ones.

Fabric Reclining Sofa


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Fold colorful blankets into a square and drape one over each horizontal segment. Avoid draping them over the cracks on the couch backing that separates the segments, as when leaning back, the felt can loosen. Make a decorative fabric drape to pass over each section of the reclining sofa. Cut a thin line of fabric and roll it in a strip. Hang it in a scallop pattern across the couch. Twist two together for color variant. Cut out fabric squares and place one on the back of each seat section to serve as a decorative protective cap for padding underneath. Paint the handles on the sides of the folding sofa to match the existing wood trim in the room.

Remove the fabric from the reclining sofa and sew the arms to the body using a half-inch seam. Put the fabric back on the recliner, put in excess fabric in the pillows and verify the arms are in the right place. Adjust the seams, if necessary. Cut the front of the fabric vertically on both sides of the reclining footrest, from the floor to the seat cushion. This allows you to raise the footrest without pulling on furniture covers. Pin the side edges of the front and rear corners overlay so the right sides are touching. Remove cover from the couch and secure the edges with a half inch seam.