The Best Maintenance for a Modern Leather Sofa

Nov 17th

Modern leather sofa require a little more care of traditional fabric or microfiber sofas, but they are easily cleaned when done regularly. In addition to purchasing a furniture protection plan from your furniture seller, follow these tips for regular care and cleaning to keep your leather sofa looking like new. Care of modern leather sofa, empty your leather sofa regularly with a soft brush to remove dust and dirt. Use a damp cloth to wipe off any excess dirt and pinch any hair between and under the cushions or crumbs. If you wish, but be sure to remove the entire soap residue with a clean, dry towel, you can use a mild soap on the cloth.

Contemporary Black Leather Furniture

Apply a leather conditioner after the water dries. Most furniture stores sell leather conditioner manufactured specifically for sofas and other furniture. You can also buy leather conditioners in most large stores and department stores. When using a conditioner again for the first time, test it in a small discreet area. Although these leather conditioners are made, some of them can alter color and texture slightly. Refrain from using other commercial furniture cleaners on your modern leather sofa unless they are made specifically for leather furniture. Most spots will clean with just a damp cloth.

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Be sure to squeeze excess water from the cloth before using it on your modern leather sofa. Too much water can stain the skin. Talcum powder and cornstarch can help break down the fat in the leather. Allow the powder or cornstarch to stand for about four hours in the spotted spot and then gently wipe away with a clean, damp cloth. If you quickly catch the ink stains, moisten the stain with hair spray and clean it. This may not work in larger ink spots. Always test the lacquer on the imperceptible part of your sofa before using it as a stain remover. Keep your modern leather sofa out of direct sunlight as much as possible. Sunlight can fade away from leather over time.