The Best Colors Decorate Well with a Red Sofa

Nov 18th

Red is such a bright, nice bold color that some owners are reluctant to incorporate it into their home decor. If it is used over abundantly, it can overwhelm a room. A red sofa that offers more than just a place to sit in your living room or family room makes a decorative statement. The colors you choose to highlight in the room can play either up the sofa to your best advantage or make it look like just another part of the room. The key to making this piece of furniture stand out is to choose accents that make the sofa the star of the room.

Modern Red Sofa

This combination of colors brings out the red sofa in an unexpected way. Although you can not think red and light blue would work well together, this combination of colors brings a modern touch to a space. It is reminiscent of the bright colors of outdated comic books, but with a sophisticated touch. Paint the walls pale blue, and add blue cushions to the sofa, including some pillows that feature both colors on them to tie the look together. You can also reproduce the combination of colors in accessories such as lampshades or works of art to further strengthen the visual link between the two colors.

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Within reason, you can pair a red sofa with details in red, but you have to consider one thing. Red on the walls of a room tends to emit a red light throughout, so if you are concerned with the way an entire red room will look, keep red on the walls to a minimum. Instead of painting all the red walls, paint an accent wall the same shade of red as the red of the sofa. You can place the sofa near the red accent wall to attract the look to that area of the room. The wall will serve as a visual anchor to reinforce the drama of the red sofa without being unbearable in the way the four red walls would. Place a white or tan carpet area facing the wall, and flank with the sofa facing the wall.