How to Use Sofa Bed Mattress

Nov 9th

When you’re shopping for a sofa bed mattress can be the last thing you think of. If you want to find a sofa that fits the decor, but a non-supportive mattress is no way to welcome your guests. Changing the sofa bed mattress with a better one is an option, but if not in the budget, here’s what you can do to improve what you have. Pad your sofa bed mattress with a mattress tops. A quality, plush sofa mattresses add a layer of comfort-literally. Between your guests and as hard metal bar string them in the spine. Stick an egg board mattress under your sofa mattress for even more padding. It may look fun when you fold up the bed, but your guests will appreciate the comfort it brings.

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Place a weight up towel or blanket directly on the metal bar in the sofa bed mattress. This additional measure softens the feeling of having your guests turn and turn at night. Fill the bed with soft, quality beds. Using cheap sheets put stone on burden, and then sticks with 100 sheets of percent cotton with a decent thread count. You do not need to buy a new sofa bed-but if you use sheets from your linen closet, make sure you choose those who will be a luxurious night’s sleep. Serve a delicious breakfast the next morning, so your guests will remember your hospitality-not their twisting in bed the night before.

Remove the lower seat cushions from your sofa bed mattress. Well your hand there behind the backing meets where the bottom seat pads typically go. A handle or other grip is located there, and you can use it to lift the mattress and fold it out. Pull up the handle and fold back the first section of the mattress. This will put the mattress flat if it is not weight to thirds. Finally, develop a mattress folded third by lifting up and turning over the last part of the bed so that it is flat. You should now see the sofa with a full or queen bed that extends from where the seat cushions typically go. Cover your mattress with sheets and other bedding and sleep on it as you do with other mattresses.