How to Save Modern Sofa

Nov 9th

Furniture such as chairs and tables are generally easy to store, but sofas are an item that is often destroyed in layers due to them getting mold from moisture, eaten by bugs, or attracting odors and stains that are almost impossible to become off with. Modern sofa can be quite expensive so it’s best to protect and store them properly if you have to temporarily remove them. Fortunately, it’s not hard to protect your investment and keep the couch safe during storage. Determine where to store the couch. It should be in a dry area that is below 80 degrees Fahrenheit all the time, and there is a minimal amount of sunlight.

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Measure your modern sofa is depth, height, width and length and adds 4 inches to each of these measurements. You will need this information to purchase a cover for your couch. Buy one or two layers of fabric to cover the sofa, with the measurements you took. Fabrics can be purchased from the yard of crafts and hobby, home decor, fabric and discount stores. If you plan to store on the couch longer than 4 months, get two layers. For shorter storage times, a layer of fabric will do. Place a rubber mat on the surface where the couch will be stored, especially if it will be on concrete.

Alternatively you can use a rubber condition or exercise mat- you may need to get a pair to see the sofa sitting from the ground. Move the couch on the covered surface, make sure it is still. If the modern sofa is uneven, you may need to unscrew the legs from the bottom of it, or stack a pair of carpets together. Cover the sofa with the fabric. – Do not use plastic or vinyl. Make sure everyone on the couch is covered, including arms and legs. You should unscrew the legs from the bottom of the sofa if they cannot be covered.