How to Renew My Chaise Sofa

Nov 9th

As times change, furniture makes styles. The chaise sofa you bought a few years ago may not look its best anymore. Before throwing out and start with something new, see if you can revive your old pieces. With some creative touches or some minor changes, you can be surprised that you do not recognize the comfortable old sofa or saggy old armchair. Clean furniture to give it a new look. If your sofa, chair and loveseat have removable covers, read the instructions to take care of the fabric. You may be able to wash and dry them at home or take them to a dry cleaner. Use a clothing vapor to clean all parts of clothing you cannot remove.

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Revive hanging chaise sofa and pillows. Flip sofa pillows and lint up back pillows. If you cannot get the level of support you want to consider having the pillows reshuffled, which would be much cheaper than replacing the couch. If the seat of furniture is down, try a seat support. These folding pieces of hard vinyl create an extra layer of support to help support a tired seat. Check the support if the seats are still sagging. Turn furniture and feel for bulging wooden pieces or feathers. You can try to fix these issues by inserting blocks of wood between the frame and the folding section or by turning bent legs back into place with pliers.

If you are not comfortable with this kind of repair work or if the damage is significant, seek help from a repair service. Live up your furniture by adding new throws or throwing pillows. Choose fabrics and textures that interest and coordinate with the rest of the decor. Change the look of the chaise sofa with a sofa cover, which protects the clothing from further bleaching or staining and inspire a new look in the room. Select sofas that are machine washable for more convenience. Try to renovate the furniture and space by arranging set-up. Add some new or different lighting to change the feel of the room and how your old furniture looks.