How to Protect a Leather Sleeper Sofa

Nov 9th

Many people buy leather sleeper sofa for their luxury and comfort. The only problem with leather furniture is that it is very difficult to clean. The best thing you can do for your leather bag is to try to protect it from stains or other damage. Apply a leather Protectant to your sofa to prevent cracking and stop water from penetrating the leather. Make sure you choose a Protectant that is made especially for the type of leather the sofa is covered in. soap and detergent are not good for cleaning the leather sofa. Be careful not to spill drinks on your leather sofa, as the liquid will be absorbed in the leather.

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Place the sofa in the living room in a place that is away from direct sunlight, away from a window. This will protect your leather sac from bleaching caused by the sun. Cover the leather sleeper sofa with a sheet. This is really only necessary if you are going to vacation for a couple of weeks or if you need to store a leather sofa when you move. This sheet protects the leather from dust and allergens while away. Make sure your sofa is not directly next to your heater or heat pump. Temperature of both extremities affects leather. Your leather sofa should remain in a room that has a constant comfortable temperature to protect it.

Keep sharp objects like knives and scissors from your sofa, as these can puncture leather, causing permanent damage. Do not smoke on or near your leather sofa. Cigarette glow is permanent. Wipe leather sleeper sofa down once a week with a semi-moist cotton strap. . This removes dust items that have accumulated on the couch during the week. Keeping up with the dust will protect the couch and keep it looking like new. Use leather to dry if you feel your sofa is dirty and you have to clean it. A tube of these wipes will keep you a long time as leather does not need to be cleaned so often. These wipes are safe for cleaning the leather sofa. If you use water, the leather can absorb the water, which may make it brittle.