How to Clean Sofa Cushion Covers

Nov 18th

Sofa cushion covers can really tie a room together. Unfortunately, they are not always the easiest things to keep clean. In addition, when they inevitably have to start getting dirty, people are often unsure how to clean them. Do not let this be your excuse for leaving dirty pads to compromise your home’s d├ęcor. Even if your sofa pillow case is not machined washable, there is still a handy way for you to clean those who will not spoil their design or shape. Remove pillow fill, cut the thread along one of the pillows, the seams. Unstring the thread until there is enough space to push the pad is filled through the opening. Remove the filling and set it aside.

Ikea Sofa Cushion Covers

Wash the sofa cushion covers, fill the sink with water. Add detergent. The amount of need will vary depending on the number of pillow detergent and how dirty it is. As a general rule, about 1/4 cup should be fine. Place the covers in the sink. And then peel the covers with your hands for a few minutes until they are clean. Empty the sink. Rinse the remaining detergent out of the covers. Dry covers. You can choose to dry the covers in the dryer or you can choose to hang them dry.

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While the dryer method saves time, be aware that it can also cause impairment or damage delicate materials. If you choose to hang your sofa cushion covers to dry on an external drying cord, you should hang them out to maintain the color. Restful pillows, decide if you want to remove pillows with the old filling or if you want to get a new stuffing. If you find that the old plugging appears dirty or smells, now it’s best time to replace it. And then replace the filling of your choice in pillow cases. Sew seam opening.