How to Arrange a Sofa Recliner

Nov 9th

Perhaps you just bought a new home and need ideas on how to arrange the furniture. Perhaps you need new sofa recliner and you have a specific style you are looking for. Either way, there are always things to be considered when decorating and arranging the room. It can sometimes be difficult, especially if you have a lot of furniture or a strangely shaped room. But it does not have to be stressful or look messy; it takes just a little planning and creative thinking. If your room is tall and narrow, you have to be careful about how much furniture you put in the room.

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If you have a TV or plasma screen, put it at the end of the room on the smallest wall. This will provide space on both long sides for a sofa recliner. Put both sofas straight opposite each other, then at the end of the sofa, angle the recliner to the TV. You can also put a small sectional sofa that is “L” shaped along a long wall. On the opposite wall, straight across from the section view, put the reclining chair; angle it towards the middle of the room and the TV. This will also provide space for a small coffee table and maybe a side table or two, depending on the exact size of your room.

If your room has a low or curved ceiling, place the sofa and couch in an “L” -formed pattern, the sofa up against the long wall and the sofa protrude from the wall into the room facing the end of the room. Put the table in the corner of the two sofas. On the opposite side of the sofa recliner on the other long wall, put the reclining chair. Angle the recliner to the middle of the room. Place TV on the wall or in an entertainment center, depending on the wall and the space in the wall. Coffee tables can be placed in the center for all three parts if space is available.