Holding the Sofa Pillows in Place

Nov 9th

Sofa pillows that just refuse to stay in place can be quite awkward. While some sofas are built to let you zip pillows in the frame, in many cases you stand there to solve the problem yourself. Fortunately, several solutions allow you to keep your sofa cushions slip around without giving up and just stapling them to the frame. These solutions are simple and require only some materials and no technical skill. Attach small Velcro straps or pillows for both the pillow and the sofa frame. You can buy small Velcro sleeves on most hardware stores, and many come with self-adhesive backs that make them very easy to attach to your sofa.

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Unfortunately, the glue may tear out and may not get stuck on all material as well, that you have to replace the brake pads so often or abandon them completely. Sew the Velcro sleeves to the sofa pillows and frame. If the adhesive does not hold Velcro straps in place, some needle and thread work can fix the problem. Use a strong thread and hold the Velcro sleeves in place with a pair of fairly firm stitches. While wire is worn over time, this should still be a more permanent solution than the self-adhesive. Combine the two methods. Nothing should prevent you from using both glue and wire to hold a Velcro pad in place. If no method works well on your own, try both together. The sewing can be a bit more difficult, but the end result should be more durable.

Keep the pillow in place with a rug

Use a grip mat. Most hardware stores sell these plastic and rubber, non-adhesive carpets that can be placed between two things to increase friction and prevent slip. They are available in different sizes, so be sure to buy a close-up size on your sofa pillows so that none of the carpet peels out at the edges. Adjust the carpet to match the size you need. You can cut a grip mat down to perfectly match your sofa without too much trouble. Place the mat between the pad and the sofa frame. This should keep the pillows slip around. Most of these rugs are very durable and will probably survive the couch.