Design of Outdoor Sofa

Nov 8th

Bras block may not be the first material to keep in mind when you are thinking of making your own outdoor sofa, but they can be used to make eccentric furniture. These blocks, easily accessible cheaply from your local home store, are heavy so be careful if you use them on a raised patio. The holes in them fool individual ice cream drinkers. Make the base of the sofa. Drop four full blocks than two with their holes upwards. Add a second layer behind, amazing joints and use half a quarter to fill in the pages. If you want to create a sofa for this purpose, the process is actually quite simple and material cheap

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Add a second layer that expands the holes outwards to allow for display of collections if desired. Spread the joints again and use half a quarter to fill in the pages. The bottom layer will use seven full blocks and two half blocks and the top layer will use nine full blocks and six half blocks. Add weapons to your outdoor sofa by using glue to attach a breeze block to the front edge at each end of your base like the arms of a traditional couch with their holes upward. Arrange two ice-cream sticks on the front end of each breeze block avoiding glue in these areas.

Once the glue has cured sticks. This will allow water drainage if you choose to fill the front holes with ice to hold drinks. Build a back for the outdoor sofa with glue to attach a row of four full wind blocks, whole up, together between the arms on the rear edge of the base. Attack a second layer in the same way. Arrange pillows and cushions on the seat and back of the sofa for comfort. The holes that show around the base can be filled with beautiful shells or stones. Small vases can slide into holes along the back of the couch and filled with flowers.