Decorating Floor Sofa under a Window

Nov 6th

In the most decorated rooms a focal point draws the eye in the interior and helps the mind visually organize the setting. The focus can be architectural features such as a fireplace, a built-in bookcase or a picture window. If the focal point of your room is a large window, you can find ways to ensure that objects placed near the floor sofa make the window’s ornamental potential and enhance focal point. Improve the focal window by painting the wall a different color than those around it. For example, the window wall paints a color like a deep hunter green. Paint the walls around it a color that cream or butter yellow. This will make the window stand out more.

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Select the right floor sofa. The goal is to choose a sofa that stands apart from the window. It can be a contrasting color from the wall or have an elegant design that separates it in an interesting way. This will not only help emphasize focal point more, but prevents the sofa from getting lost in front of the big window. Choose Window curtains, blinds and a coat as visual interest for the area as well as offer some relief from the sun if the window faces a sunny direction. One way to tie these elements with the setting is to choose the same material and patterns that you chose for the Sofa pillows for the curtains.

Take advantage of the windowsill. If the windowsill is quite deep, you can place decorative elements on it, like plants or lamps. This works best if the floor sofa is lower than the window, so you will be able to see these items on the threshold. Decorate the couch with pillows. Pillows are one of the easiest ways to introduce different patterns. If your decorative colors are pink and mint green, for example, choose pillows with these colors and mix the patterns. The most common colors allow you to mix and match patterns that varied as stripes, dots and paisleys. This provides visual interest in the focal area without breaking your budget.