Decorate a Black Pull Out Sofa With Turquoise Accents

Nov 18th

Pull out sofa works in a variety of room designs, from the formal to the contemporary casual. With decorative details, you can customize your black sofa to match the color scheme of the room you are used in. The turquoise color pops up against a black sofa, making a bold and eye catching statement for your room. If the room is decorated in a beach style or with modern decor, adding turquoise accents will join the sofa in the decoration of the room. Arrange turquoise cushions on the pull out sofa. Select the cushions that work with the theme of the room.

Chesterfield Pull Out Sofa

Decorate a black pull out sofa with turquoise accents; show a turquoise blanket on the pull out sofa. As with the pillows, choose a blanket that works with the design of the room. For example, in a modern room, choose a chenille or satin blanket and in a beach-themed room, choose a woven blanket or cotton. Without order or concert cover the blanket on the sofa, either in the back, in the arm or in one of the corners. Another option is to fold the blanket in half and hang it on the back of the sofa or fold by third parties and pass over one of the arms of the sofa.

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Add turquoise accents around the sofa. To show the images of the whole sofa that have the turquoise color; Turquoise geometric prints or paintings or photographs of turquoise blue water splash. Hang a picture on top of the sofas and place the pictures on the tables next to the pull out sofa. Decorative vases lay out on the side tables next to the sofa. Place lampshades of turquoise lamps on the lamps next to the sofa. Set an arrangement of turquoise candles on a tray and place it on a coffee table in front of the pull out sofa. Fill a clear glass container with turquoise marbles or sea glass and put it on the coffee table.