Covering Slipcover Sofa

Nov 5th

Covering a slipcover sofa in your home will help to give your room a new look without incurring costs for new furniture. The fastest and most affordable method of covering furniture is to buy a finished slip cover. There are several different companies that make slip covers and some are made to extend to ensure a dense and more permanent-looking solution. You will find slip covers in almost all fabrics, including leather. Some popular websites to buy slip covers are secure fit. Use the tape measure, determine the width of the front of your seat starting from the inside of an arm and spading to the inside of the other.

Reclining Slipcover Sofa


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Next measure the perimeter of your seat (total width of each side). You may also need to measure your slipcover sofa height and back width. Wherever you choose to buy your slip cover will determine what exact measurements you need to make. Defer to slip cover the manufacturer’s website for complete measurement instructions. Decide what color and fabric you want to use to cover your loveseat. You will also decide which style of slip cover you want to buy. The most popular styles of slip include choosing from include square pillow, T-pillow, rugged, straight and stretchable. Square pillow covers for use on sofas, double sofa beds or chairs that have the square of box-shaped pillows.

T-pillow covers for use on slipcover sofa, double sofa beds, or chairs that have T-shaped pillows. Ruffled coverings have elastic stitching throughout the back cover that gives the cover extra support. Straight cover has a skirt and tie in the corner of the couch or loveseat. Stretched covers are designed to fit your furniture tightly. This cover is very vesicle because it can fit almost any style of sofa, loveseat or chair. Installation will be slightly different depending on the type of coverage you buy, but generally you start with the draping cap throughout the loveseat to make sure the arms and sides of the furniture fit into the slip cover. Once you have placed the protection over the top of your loveseat, put the lid in the cracks in your loveseat to make sure that any excess fabric is hidden away.