Contemporary Design Modular Sectional Sofa

Nov 17th

Modular sectional sofa allows flexibility in planning a space. The sofa is in individual sections instead of a large piece of furniture. Sections can be independent or can be put together in different configurations. A sectional sofa can pull two rooms, such as a formal living room and an informal living room, together. The rooms flow coherently because the colored and / or engraved sofas are the same in each room. Organize a modular sectional sofa, measure each section of the sofa. Who needs the width and length? Draw the scale dimensions of the sofa on paper. A scale of 1/4 inch to 1 foot works well, or can be used 1 inch by 1 foot. Cut out the templates of the sofa sections.

Grey Sectional Sofas Idea

Draw the dimensions of the room to scale on paper. Include built-in windows, doors, shelves or chimney. Decide where the focal point of the room is. The focal point will attract the look when entering the room. It could be an impressive view through the window, a fireplace, a cluster of floors or an entertainment center. Then for Organize a modular sectional sofa, place the sofa templates in the room around the focal point. If the focal point is the view, then the sofa faces the view. If it is the entertainment center, they face several sections of the sofa towards the center. Leave at least a 3-foot space around the sofa like a catwalk.

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Measure the other furniture in the room and draw the templates to scale. And then place the templates in the space around the modular sectional sofa. You may have to divide the tissue sections for a pleasant arrangement. If you do so, make sure that each entire section seems to be alone. In other words, do not put two pieces of the ends together in one area and a middle section in another, as it will look strange. Adjust the layout of the sofa section of furniture and templates on paper until it looks good and shows the focal point.