Coloring White for Corner Sofa

Nov 5th

Coloring a corner sofa is a big challenge to accomplish. It is a laborious process that takes a lot of patience, work and several attempts. Before you try to color the sofa, make sure you wholeheartedly into this project. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to make the process a bit easier. Despite its difficulty, when you are ready and satisfied with your new sofa, all this work will be extremely rewarding. Clean your couch. Because the sofa is white, clean it as well as possible. Use the sofa-cleaner or any other deep-cleaning fabric cleaner. Look at the chart.

Corner Sofa Bed


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To see what kind of corner sofa you have and thus the amount of color you need for your sofa. The attached reference page has a chart of 50 sofas and chairs that you can match to your own sofa. Measure your sofa if you do not trust the chart or cannot “find your sofa on the chart. The ratio is a can (8 oz.) Dye to a yard or 36 inches of fabric. Try a hidden area before dyeing the entire couch. This allows you to see if you really like the color you have chosen. The best hidden areas down the seat cushion or pillow.

Start painting the areas you want to paint when you are satisfied with the paint. Perform this process very carefully because mistakes can easily be made. Also follow the instructions on the capsule dye carefully. Paint a little more after it’s dry, if you want touch-up spots. Use a white towel to see if the sofa is dry after 3 days. All non-dry colors are likely to appear on a white towel instead of a dark towel. Coloring a corner sofa is a difficult process. The creators of the dye you have chosen cannot be held liable for any mishaps.