Cleaning White Sofa

Nov 5th

White sofas can be much harder to clean than colored sofas. This because all dirt appears on a white sofa. It’s really not necessary to pay for something that you can do yourself. There are some cheap home remedies that remove dirt and stains from your white couch. Buy a box of whipped detergent. Use scoops that come with the box and place a scoop in your mixing bowl. Add a cup of water and mix with the mixer until the mixture starts to look whipped. Take your bowl over to the couch and use a cloth to apply some of the whipped detergent to the areas of the sofa that need cleaning. Rub in a circular motion

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Take a second cloth and soak it with plain water. Call it out and start walking over the areas you used soap to get soap residue off. Wipe the white sofa by turning some fans and aiming them on the couch. This is sold at almost all grocery stores and department stores. Spray stains removal on a white towel. Do not use any other paint towel when the dye in the towel can run and then give the sofa a new stain. Carefully wipe the towel with the stain on the areas of the sofa you are having trouble with. Some people use it on their entire couch to make it look like new again.

Get a second white towel and soak it with plain water. Call the towel out and then use it to get rid of any stain remnants. Use some fans to wipe the sofa away faster. Use both methods to get the sofa back to its original white, if a method is not enough. Use the hand attachment for a rug cleaner to soak up the extra soap and water on the couch. Woo lite makes a whipped cream soap and is very gentle to fabrics. It makes a good choice for cleaning white sofas. Swim the sofa with a damp cloth to rinse off the foamy paste. Allow the sofa to dry for two days, and then vacuum again to make sure the sofa is completely clean.