Cleaning and Wash Velvet Sofa

Nov 5th

Velvet sofa is a luxurious way to relax for a few hours. Velvet is a soft, durable material that looks stylish in every home. Velvet sofas require regular care so that the fabric is still fresh and clean. The velvet fabric draws light dust, held under the National Action Plan, to catch the dirt and make the velvet look gray and dirty. Regular cleaning helps the velvet couch to regain its style and beauty. Attach soft brush attachment to vacuum. Turn the vacuum on and run the soft brush over the velvet sofa. Move the brush to the lug so that the height of the fabric is raised.

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Remove pillows if you have removable cushions and clean the underside. Reverse the cushions as you replace them. Replace the pillows each time you vacuum the sofa. Sandfish a dime-sized amount of detergent at one end of a wet clean cloth. Rub some stains on the velvet sofa with detergent. Go to the lug to remove any stains under the fabric pile. Rinse the soap with a clean damp cloth. Make sure all soap residues is gone. Wipe wet area with a clean dry cloth. Wipe the lug up so that the fabric can dry. Test an area of the sofa that is not visible with detergent first to make sure the detergent does not fade the fabric.

Moisten a lint-free cloth with water and use it to wipe out the stains. Easy to move the cloth back and forth until the stain is removed, but do not push too hard as this can permanently flatten the fabric. Use a dry cloth to wipe out the velvet sofa dry and remove as much moisture as possible. When the velvet is completely dry, use a lint brush or new toothbrush to gently brush the area of the stain. This will fluff to the velvet back up so that the area melts in with the rest of velvet. To wash a whole velvet sofa, fill a basin with cold water and add 1/2 cup of liquid detergent.