Choose Best Sofa Bed Design Ideas

Nov 12th

When your space is limited and you do not have additional bedrooms to house occasional guests during the night, a best sofa bed is the solution. Sleeping sofas serve a double function of providing seating for family and guests during the day and an extra bed per night. The bed is located inside the structure of the sofa and it is easy to fold it out for use. If you live in an apartment with a separate bedroom, a sofa bed would be invaluable, serving as your bed and sofa. Knowing how to choose a sofa bed with comfort in mind is important for you and your guests.

Best Convertible Sofa Bed

How to choose a best sofa bed, measure your living space with a measuring tape. It takes as much space as a bed when the sofa bed is completely open. Also, measure your thresholds or entry points to your home as the sofa bed must fit through without damaging or the door frame. Your size sleeps sofa options based on your available living space. Full-size beds inside a sofa bed are approximately 70 to 75 inches wide and extend to approximately 80 to 90 inches in length when opened; A queen size bed is one foot wider and extends to approximately 90 inches. Twin and king sleep sofa sizes are available as well, but not as popular as the full and queen options.

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Take your time shopping at furniture stores because to try each best sofa bed that meets your size requirements. Wear shoes and comfortable clothes, not restrictive easy to remove. Test each dream candidate sofa by pulling it out from the bed frame and fully extend the bed. You will have to remove the cushions from the sofa to access the bed. The bed frame unit should easily lift up and out in a smooth and quiet motion. Looking for stainless steel construction is the most resistant material for the bed frame. Review the structure and internal mechanisms of sleep sofa candidates. For maximum durability, the wooden sofa frame should be constructed with screws and glue that staples or nails.