Building a Modular Sofa

Nov 3rd

Modular Sofa – Called conversation pits at the time where Modulsoffor is found in almost every cellar in the 70’s. Modular saws consist of two long, pub-supported or slanted sections with an overstuffed, rolled arm and large square pillows. Four square ottomans could be pushed against the two long sections when put in an “L” shape to make a large bed-style seating area. The owls could also be used as coffee tables or footrests, or turned into temporary modular sofa by dragging them into a random grouping near two main ones. It was common to throw pillows on the floor for the kids to hang on when you look. Check all posts with an angle handle and a level.

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Make sure they are cut at 90 degree angles over each end. If they did not, adjust the angle using a mitral fence and table saw. Assemble two modular sofa box frames by placing two lengths of 1-inch through -6-inch -by-6-feet make wood inside 2 lengths of 1-inch -by -6-inch -by -4-feet make wood. Place a post in each corner of the box. Turn each couch frame with the right side up on the legs. You need a 15 1/2-foot-by-5-foot sheet of fabric for each seat pad. Lay the fabric quite downwards. Make a 3-inch wide fold at each short end of the fabric play. Iron each folds down.

Sew over the open side of each fold about 1/4 inches from the edge. Make a second row of 1/4 inch stitches from first seam, closer to the cover. Fold the fabric over one of the modular sofa pads so that the two double seams touch each other. Fold the fabric along each side as if to make a Christmas package and hand the side seams in place. Finish the side seams when they reach double seams at the ends of the fabric. Stitch plastic hook and loop strap (Velcro (R)) along double seams so that the hook side of the band faces the loop side. Repeat this for everyone on the seat cushions.